Our Processes

Drumm Design Remodel will come out to your home to take measurements in the room(s) and discuss your: needs, wish list and any potential structural issues.


Design Agreement with Budgetary Numbers
After your in-home consultation, Drumm Design Remodel will present you with a formal design agreement with detailed design specifications, and a budget range that helps our homeowners unstand the potential scope of the work and the costs.


Drawings and Customer Selections
Upon appoval of the design agreement for the project Drumm Design Remodel presents the homeowner with measured drawings for the room and, where applicable, the locations of any cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, or potential new walls.


Design Approval
We request that the homeowner approve our designs and make preliminary product selections before we file for permits and order materials for any project. This keeps the project moving in a timely fashion and on budget for both the customer and Drumm Design Remodel.


Contract Approval
Once the homeowner has approved the design and made product selections we provide the final contract to the consumer with firm costs, benchmarks for work to be completed and for payments to be made. When the homeowner approves this contract we get the job started.


Permit Submission
Drumm Design Remodel always files the proper permits to the township for approval prior to any work beginning on your home remodeling project. This keeps both you and us protected from any legal issues down the road.


Begin Work
Once the permits are approved Drumm Design Remodel, performs any tear outs / demolition necessary to get the project started. We also make sure that any existing defects in the space in which we are working are up to code and functional before we do any finish work. Then the work on the finished remodel begins.



Along the way there are always inspections by the township to make sure we are working up to code. Drumm Design Remodel welcomes these inspections, as it always confirms we are doing a quality job.


Punchlist Items Wrapped Up
When our work is almost complete, we have the homeowner go through the space for any little details (a punchlist of "to dos") that they feel would need to be fixed or repaired prior to turning the space back over to them.


Client Walk Through At Completion
The client then walks through the space with Drumm Design Remodel to make sure that they are fully satisfied with the work we have done before providing us with the final payment.


We love to see the smiling faces of our clients at the end of any home remodeling project, because it means we have handcrafted another high-quality home remodeling project and they'll be referring Drumm Design Remodel to their friends down the road.


When you're ready for your next home remodeling project call Drumm Design Remodel at 215-699-7477 for an in-home consultation!